We have all experienced “Armadillo Tears” in our lives. It might be when we feel we do not have a friend in the world, when we are being bullied, or when no one can see the special qualities inside us. 
       How to Stop Armadillo Tears is the story about an armadillo named Armando who has all these feelings during a very bad day on the school playground. By reading his story you can learn about how one heroic animal, Zoila the Zebra, stops his tears, and reveals the wonderfully special abilities that Armando has within him. 
        This book teaches children the benefits of bringing new people (amigos) into their circle of friends, and through the instruction of Eduardo the Encyclopedia, demonstrates how to ask simple questions to help discover the uniqueness within everyone. 
       Find out how Zoila uncovers the many ways in which Armando is a very talented armadillo, becomes his friend, and shows all bullies how to open their eyes and celebrate the differences among us. 
       The lesson that every reader can take away from this story is the superpower to stop “Armadillo Tears.”

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