Elizabeth Zamarripa-Lopez is a writer, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. Elizabeth is a former English middle and high school teacher, and State Compensatory Educational Interventionist. She attained her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, with a minor in English, from the University of Texas at El Paso.  Elizabeth earned her Master’s in Education, Curriculum & Instruction, with honors, from the University of Phoenix, at Arizona. She has also starred in local commercials, independent films, and was a professional cheerleader and model. Elizabeth was a former Sun Bowl Princess, and Miss Fiesta de Las Flores Queen.  She was born and raised in El Paso, TX, and this is her first children’s book. Elizabeth has been married to Erik for 8 years, and has a 6 year old daughter, Gwendolyn Estefania.

Gwensie’s dreams are so big that she often cannot fall asleep!  Listen in as Gwensie shares her life ambitions with her grandmother before bedtime.  The wise grandmother listens carefully to each one: Actress, Ballerina, Princess, President, Baker, Singer, Veterinarian, Firefighter, Toy Maker, Scientist, Botanist, Mathematician, Comedian, and Author.
The grandmother then uses each dream as an opportunity to teach Gwensie a lesson about building a strong character, and staying grounded, humble, and giving no matter what one achieves in life.

That is, until the dreamer gets tired and is ready to start counting her sheep.  

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​​Forthcoming in October 2018....
Elizabeth Zamarripa-Lopez's new book,
Gwensie's Bedtime Dreams with Grandma

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